Contact & Meet Me

I would love to hear from you particularly if you have made changes to your practice in the light of reading my work. This helps me understand how I can further help others. It also helps me know I have a purpose to my life!! Please contribute to the blog.


I am keen to hear from you if you would like to pursue further study at postgraduate level. For example I am keen for more research on:

  • break and lunch times in primary and secondary schools;
  • the benefits to children working outside;
  • oral language development and outside;
  • children interacting with staff outside;
  • teacher attitudes and decision making processes when outside and
  • children’s behaviour generally.

I want to ensure the discourse and research about the impact to children working and playing outside continues.

I enjoy sharing my work with others and running inset courses especially if they are linked to participants making and recording changes in practice. Please get in touch to discuss my availability for inservice training,  speaker for conferences, public seminars, workshops or training days, short or long term projects; email: