Can one be too young to play outside? This unique and compelling book charts the experiences of a group of under-three-year-olds as they explore their natural outdoor environment, followed by caring and attentive adults. It deconstructs the myths that underestimate under threes and celebrates the importance of connecting children with the natural world and the influence of positive relationships in this early stage of life. Taking the First Steps Outside draws on all aspects of working outdoors, focusing on different steps of the project, main achievements and obstacles, implemented strategies and benefits for the development of young children. Features include:
● Stunning photographs of children exploring the outdoor environment, who are interested,
thoughtful, persistent and successful
● Detailed descriptions of real events, illustrating how the outdoor space can be an
educational context for under threes
● Insight into the role of the adult, as they observe and reflect upon children’s learning
● Advice on choosing the right resources and facilities to create a good outdoor learning
environment for the young child
● Advice about risky play and promoting challenging and positive opportunities in the
natural environment
● Guidance on how to set up an outdoor project for children under three.
Written to support all teachers, students, practitioners and managers working with the under
threes, this essential guide will help you to build confidence, knowledge and gain the ability
to co-explore outdoors with children.

“The authors’ genuine love of the outdoors and passion for enriching the learning environment by allowing children freedom to explore the natural world is communicated throughout this book, and is what makes this such a fantastic resource. It is, arguably, essential reading for all of us who play a part in supporting the learning and development of the under threes on a daily basis”. Review for  TACTYC by Helen Reeve.